Imagine a camera that reads out a description of whatever you capture on it. Now imagine giving this to kids with a visual impairment to help identify objects, signs and entire landscapes.

Being young is about discovering the world around you – seeing how the world changes and exploring every colour, texture, landscape and season. But unfortunately for the millions of children around the world that are either born with, or have suffered serious visual impairment, it’s not something they can easily experience.

We developed a working prototype of the Talking Camera using GCP’s CloudVision and Speech API’s as a proof of concept. The camera is equal parts utility, educational and just plain cool. It’s completely controlled by your voice, speak the mode you want to set it and say ‘click’ to set the shutter off.

The Talking Camera gives those who can’t see the license to go out into the world and explore!


Google CloudVIsion, Tensor Flow, Android


April, 2015