HTC wanted people to pre-order the VIVE, the only problem was that no one knew what was so different or amazing about it.

You see, the VIVE offers an immersive and physical experience like no other VR unit. Its unique room-scale VR means that if you want to move, duck or punch – you really need to move, duck or punch.

Unfortunately our target audience of gamers aren’t the most physical bunch, so to prepare them for this new gaming experience they would need to Get Vive Ready.

Get Vive Ready is a cutting edge HTML5 experience built especially for Google Chrome and its advanced WebGL capabilities. Gamers could sync their phone to their PC and undertake a series of physical challenges designed to get them physically ready. If they survived to prove they were ready, then they were able to qualify for VIVE pre-order, or even win one.

Get Vive Ready turned a pre-order promotion into a product demonstration – without the product. And it seemingly worked with 15000 units being sold in the first 10 minutes of presale going live !




Feb, 2016