A rich and immersive voice based experience powered by Google Assistant and DialogFlow

Everyone loves a good deal and it’s inherently satisfying to know you got something for the best possible price. This isn’t unique to India at all, however, haggling is a huge part of the Indian culture – it’s so competitive it could almost be a sport!

This human trait and very raw and real behaviour is the perfect creative bridge to the Assistant platform. So for India’s biggest sale, Flipkart’s Big Billion Days sale, we challenged ourselves to develop something that elevates expectations for the voice platform beyond ‘functional chatbot’ to a deep and unique voice experience through humour and nuanced human writing.

The rich and immersive voice based experience allows you to barter, haggle and negotiate the best deal possible on feature products ahead of the BBD sale for all of India. Using DialogFlow, the most widely used tool to build Actions for Google Assistant, we leveraged things like Natural Language processing and the AI/Machine Learning expertise to understand the more nuanced things people are saying in order to construct more natural responses.

In the 4 days leading up to the sale the experience was available across all Home hardware and all Assistant enabled mobile devices including the low cost feature phones from Jio. Hagglebot had an average ‘use’ time of 6 min and became the 5th most used Action on Assistant across India.




Dentsu Web Chutney




October 2018