GLICODE is the first ever educational app that uses advanced image recognition to turn real candy into code to teach kids the fundamentals of programming.

All around the world, children are learning to express themselves through code – but in Japan computer science is not going to be included as part of the national curriculum until 2020. So we looked at what was already making its way into the hands of millions of Japanese children and used this medium to create a cheap and accessible way for children as young as five to start learning how to code.

Every packet of Pocky, Bisco and Almond Peak turns into bite-sized programming lessons where kids can lay out and arrange their snacks, capture the sequence and watch it turn into code that moves a character through increasingly complex challenges.

The app covers three basic programming principles: “Basic Syntax”, “Loops” and “If Statements”. We designed this easy to understand visual language so that kids can automate repetitive instructions and assign actions to specific triggers, making GLICODE a real programming language with endless possibilities.

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September, 2016


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