Turning a phone launch into the world's largest crypto challenge

To launch the new One Plus 6T we developed an intense and challenging digital competition that allowed a few lucky (and talented) people around the world to be the first to unlock the phone and travel to New York for the launch. Together with UNIT9 we created something to engage the loyal One Plus fans, a community of tech heads, makers, engineers, coders and geeks.

CRACKABLES is a race against the clock to solve a range of digital crypto puzzles, based on a lot of the cryptography and coding strategies hackers use. The mobile-based experience was written by Sleep Deprivation Lab and powered by Google’s DialogFlow platform. The story revolves around an AI bot, which has been trapped in one of the puzzles and now seeks assistance from the players to free it. It also serves as the interface for the game, allowing players to talk to it during gameplay to obtain clues/tips, “chitchat” and additional insights into the competition.

The fastest 1000 people in the world to solve the first round moved onto the hardware round. A secret package containing a custom build audio board was sent to their address, this was required to be used as a micro-controller for the next round of puzzles. The board used encoded audio signals to speak to the web app, so contestants needed to decode and decipher the board based on clues they received from the gameplay and AI host. Eventually 6 winners from Australia, UK, Hong Kong, US and China made it through and unlocked the first 6T’s in the world and travelled to the NYC launch event.


One Plus

Awesome production partners

UNIT9 // Sleep Deprivation Lab.


September 2018

Mobile Site
One Plus and Google created a mobile only experience to show off the power of the 6T, Android and the Assistant platform

The DialogFlow powered AI host is sassy, skeptical but fair and provided funny interactions with a 'GladOs' style dry humour.