Blossom is a social companion for kids in the autism spectrum. Research suggests that smart companions can help with social learning through showing empathetic responses to what children are watching. The robot reacts and responds to YouTube videos and music to help children develop empathetic and appropriate responses to social interactions or scenes.

Alongside the engineers and computer science team at Cornell University, we provided creative consultation as well as character development, final design, materials and movement library for Blossom.

Blossom’s overall aesthetic is a response to the way that the design of home robots (and personal technology) has been trending recently. Blossom is designed to be accessible and engaging for people (especially with autism) who are more comfortable with natural textures and surfaces. We wanted to design a DIY-style robot that involves the whole family in building technology for the home – one that is accessible and isn’t cost prohibitive.


Cornell University, Google ZOO




Creative Direction / Consultation

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